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Lucy the Tortoise

This book is based on the true story of the authors seven-year-old pet tortoise’s long road home after disappearing from her yard outside of Denver, Colorado. Imagined from Lucy’s point of view, the resulting story is an adventure tale that will excite children about the animal world with its intriguing facts about camouflage, games, and different habitats.

Lavender the Purple Chicken

Lavender, The Purple Chicken is a heartwarming tale demonstrating the values of tolerance, acceptance, friendship, and love.


A fun and heart-warming tale about a dinosaur that overcomes bullying through humor and kindness. A fully illustrated tale with a positive message for children of all ages. This tale is sure to bring the whole family together!

Sierra the Search Dog Finds Fred

The series, Sierra the Search Dog, is inspired by the author’s own experience training and leading SAR dogs and is dedicated to the memory of his real-life canine partner.

Mister Doppelgänger

With a feminist bend and a prophetic mission, this young adult fiction begs to be read by the entire family.

The Policeman and the Dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys

Available in English, French, and Spanish

It's All Greek To Me

Kelly Fay writes a truly endearing story which speaks to those who have struggled themselves in dealing with Dyslexia.

Howard B. Wigglebottom on Yes or No

Howard's friend Buzz really wants everyone to like him, so he does whatever anyone asks him to do. But saying yes all the time can be wrong―even dangerous! With help from the grownups, Howard and Buzz learn how to decide if others are trustworthy and when it's okay to say no.

What's Up With Princesses?

After being called a princess by her teacher, grandmother, stylist and babysitter, the intrepid Zuzu, asks: "What's up with princesses?" and challenges the assumption that every girl wants to be one.

May the K9 Spy: May on the Way

In this first-of-the-series adventure, May, an imaginative young Schnauzer, tells her own story in first dog.

Sierra Becomes a Search Dog

The Sierra the Search Dog series of books is inspired by the author’s own experience training and leading SAR dogs, and is dedicated to the memory of his real-life canine partner.

I Want to do Yoga, Too!

Hallie wants to join her mom's yoga class, but she isn't allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns that not only is yoga easy, but fun as well.

Bryce Bumps HIs Head

The Sierra the Search Dog series of books is inspired by the author’s own experience training and leading SAR dogs, and is dedicated to the memory of his real-life canine partner.

Howard B. Wigglebottom and Manners Matters

Using humor and a light approach this book introduces to 4 to 8 year olds the concept "to have good manners is to do and say only what makes people feel good and comfortable."

Octopus! Octopus! What Can You Do?

A fun and whimsical book about an octopus, challenging children to play along. Written with fun read-along prose and colorfully illustrated for a fun bed-time read. Children will love to follow along with the playful refrain!

Lloyd the Goat

Lloyd is a sweet young goat that moves to a new farm with a new family.

Sierra the Search Dog Saves Sally

The Sierra the Search Dog series of books is inspired by the author’s own experience training and leading SAR dogs, and is dedicated to the memory of his real-life canine partner.

Judah the Barracuda

Take a leap into the beautiful, tropical home of Judah the Barracuda with the Marshall family as they experience a day that none of them will ever forget.

Cleopatra's Chocolate Cake

Tummyful of Butterflies

This is a book of choice, empowerment, and self-reward. The artful illustration and harmonious storyline will keep children intrigued and entertained while discovering methods of choice and balance for emotional well-being.

Getting Back in the Game!

Herb D. Trainer tackles two of the most prominent and growing problems facing children in “It's All About Choice: Getting Back in the Game!” childhood obesity and bullying.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Brave

children's book honoring the life and legacy of 11 African American Soldiers who fought during World War II

Geronimo the Frog

How can a group of animal friends from Florida’s Big Cypress Swamp defend their home from Bad Billy’s gang? Leave it to Geronimo, the little frog with a big mission. He’ll stop at nothing to save his beloved land from being trashed by Bad Billy and his gang, who are leaving their garbage all over the place. Can Geronimo save the day?

Bubba the Cat

Bubba the cat and Bubba and Grandma are stories in narrative verse about a real life cat adventure. Suitable for ages one to olne hundred or everyone who loves cats.

Light Switch to Heaven

Light Switch To Heaven is the delightful tale of Queen Itup and Pick Itup working tirelessly every night while you are sleeping to make the sky ready for the next day.

Robots Don't Wear Sunscreen

Robots Don’t Wear Sunscreen is the heart-tugging tale of kindness, cooperation and overcoming obstacles that will delight children and adults alike. It will encourage every member of the family to think creatively and to recognize the importance of our relationships with others.

Gwynnor's Wings

Gwinnor is a fairy penguin who is not sure if he is a fish or a bird.

My Little Brother's Dirty Room

Children may be frightened by many things but those with little brothers know it to be true, that there is nothing more frightening than that little brother’s dirty room!

Pink is Just a Color and so is Blue

You’re a boy who likes pink? Great! You like to play with dolls? Fantastic! Your best friend is a girl—and she likes to crash cars, build things, and play pirates? Awesome! Playing is about having fun, exploring and learning about the bigger world!

Castle Diaries

Live through the day to day discoveries of Princess Grace and Prince Elijah.

Four Silly Sisters

Shelly Martin's Four Silly Sisters is the sure-fire cure for the blues and the blahs. This sweet and heartfelt book takes you and your child through the daily shenanigans of four very silly sisters who are full of life and love living it!

Washashore Bear

One recent summer Cape Codders were astonished by the surprising visit from a vacationing black bear. Come along with us on this whimsical fictionalized account of a real event.

Mazey's Dandelion

A cute story about taking care of a pet and relying on a friend to help when a problem crops up.

Tommy Tupey's Crazy Jelly Bean Adventure

Harvel Goes to the Farm

Harvel the moose goes to visit relatives on their farm.

Let Me Tell You an African Tale

For parents and teachers who enjoy sharing culturally significant and brightly illustrated stories with today's youth, this fable offers heritage, tradition, and magic.

A Family for Fritz

Lisa Brown Delgado has had a lifelong love 'all God's creatures' and has adopted many of them. In 1997 she found a very special dog named Fritz and adopted him from Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin, Texas. He became her best friend and she has written this book in his honor.

Planet Earth Gets Well

This educational reader is wholly unique in the ways that matter-think globally, think green, and act accordingly!

Pearl the Motorcycle Girl

When loveable little motorcycle, Pearl discovers the beauty of movement in everything around her, she also finds her own style of self-expression: dance.

My Planet is Purple

Designed to spark the imagination, this unique book is guaranteed to fascinate children while teaching them how to respect and protect the environment.

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