“I’ve finished my manuscript, NOW WHAT?!”

Whether you are looking for someone to design your book cover or layout, or for an illustrator to create a visual narrative, collaborating can seem like a daunting process for the uninitiated. If you are self-publishing a book, there is a lot involved and bringing together the right team will determine whether the journey will be a success or not.

Your main concern should be to find a professional who’s work inspires you and whom you can entrust with your vision.  Yes, price is always a consideration but it should be balanced with the other important factors. Working directly with one of our creative professionals will be a much better value than paying for the packages offered by ‘the middle men,’ and their financial mark-ups and logistical mazes.

Interpreting Your Vision.

Illuminated Stories specialized in pre-publishing services, meaning that I can provide all the bells and whistles to turn your manuscript into a beautifully packaged product.

I realize that entrusting your vision to someone takes a leap of faith and I make it my top priority to establish an open line of communication. Once I understand your vision, I can tailor all the services you need to create a beautifully packaged product.